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Personal details
14th century CE
Relative(s) Horza (lover)
Physical details
Sex Female
Species Mongrel-Culture
Allegiance Kraiklyn's Free Company

Yalson was a female employed by Kraiklyn's Free Company during the Idiran-Culture War.[1] She died on Schar's World aiding Horza in trying to capture a Culture Mind.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Years[edit | edit source]

Yalson's mother was a Culture citizen who lived on an eight to nine thousand year old Rock. Her father lived on a planet the Rock visited and Yalson never met him. As a result she inherited some Culture genofixing.[3]

Kraiklyn's Free Company[edit | edit source]

She joined Kraiklyn's Free Company by the Idiran-Culture War. She met Horza after the Changer was picked up by the Company near Sorpen.[1] The pair developed intimate relationship.[4] She discovered Horza had impregnated her while the Company and Clear Air Turbulence were still a few days from Schar's World. She kept it secret at the time. The pregnancy was possible because of her inherited Culture genofixing.[3]

Main article: Raid on the Temple of Light

Yalson survived the unprofitable attack on Marjoin's Temple of Light[4] and the raid on the Megaship Olmedreca on Vavatch Orbital.[5] When Horza returned, disguised as Kraiklyn, she was in favour of allowing recent recruit Gravant, to remain; Yalson did not know Gravant was actually Culture Special Circumstancer Balveda, and only considered the Company's need for recruits.[6]

When Horza's true identity was revealed by Balveda, Yalson was pleased to see him. Like the others she considered Kraiklyn a manager and had no particular attachment to the former leader.[7]

The Command System[edit | edit source]

On Schar's World she recognized Horza's attachment to the dead Kierachell. She descended into the Command System with the Company. The radiation from the granite and nuclear reactors concerned her because of the pregnancy.[8] After the fight in station six with the Idirans, Yalson cautiously told Horza of the pregnancy and its Culture origins. The Changer was pleased and agreed to keep it a secret.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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