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Wrobik Sennkil was a male pan-human resident of the Vreccile Economic Community (VEC). There she reluctantly destroyed a ship reportedly carrying the Admiral of the Fleet and the Culture ambassador with a stolen Culture LPP 91 plasma gun. He was a former Culture citizen and was self-exiled from that polity; as a Culture citizen he had been female with the Full Name Bahlln-Euchersa Wrobich Vress Schennil dam Flaysse.[1]



As a Culture citizen she was a member of Contact. She eventually came to dislike what she saw as the hypocrisy of the Culture's evangelical and interventionist morality. At 60 years of age she exercised the right to renounce the Culture. After cultural education she changed her sex to be male and assumed the identity Wrobik and deposited on Vreccis.[1]


After eight years in the VEC, Sennkil lived in Vreccis Low City and worked as a part-time freelance journalist. He fell in love with Maust, an erotic dancer. Maust was the only one Sennkil told of his Culture origins.[1]

Over time Sennkil owed significant sums of money to Kaddus and Cruizell because of constant gambling. The creditors were Bright Path members, a seditious group within the VEC. Bright Path leveraged Sennkil's obligations to secure his participation in an attack on the VEC.[1]

Bright Path PawnEdit

Bright Path managed to acquire a Culture LPP 91 plasma gun and discover Sennkil's true origins, possibly from Maust. In return for the cancellation of the debts plus additional money, Sennkil would use the weapon to destroy a ship returning to Vreccis City carrying the VEC's Admiral of the Fleet.[1]

Two days before the target arrived back on planet Sennkil resolved abscond from the the City. Maust would not go with him because of a lucrative job offer in the High City. While waiting for the Railtube at Intercontinental Station she was contacted by Kaddus and Cruizell. The pair had taken Maust hostage and Sennkil was forced to stay and shoot down the ship.[1]