Personal details
Relative(s) Tibilo Quilan (husband)
Physical details
Sex Female
Species Chelgrian
Title Major
Allegiance Chelgrian State
Organization Army

Worosei was a female Chelgrian and wife of Tibilo Quilan. She was killed in action during the Caste War[1]; her death motivated her bereaved husband to participate in a covert attempt to destroy the Culture's Masaq' Orbital.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Worosei had a twin brother[3].

Tibilo Quilan[edit | edit source]

Worosei met Quilan before the Caste War and the two fell in love. A year after meeting, and before they were married, they visited Shaunesta on Chel. She also did some work at a university music department, and showed Quilan a sound dampened room.[4] They also spent time in a wilderness area at a hunting cabin in the Loustrian Hills.[2]

The pair were married in the garden of her parents' estate.[1]

They joined the army together prior to the Caste War; it was her idea. Her influence ensured they were posted together.[1]

Caste War[edit | edit source]

During the Caste War, Worosei and Quilan fought for the Loyalists.[5]

Near the end of the war[5], Worosei proposed a risky mission to rescue the stored personalities of old soldiers and military planners from the Military Technical Institute, Cravinyr City, Aorme, which were in danger of being destroyed by the Invisibles. She used her influence to get the mission authorized.[1]

The attack was a success, and the personalities' storage substrate was successfully extracted to the ship Winter Storm. However, Quilan was trapped under the hulk of a land destroyer and there was neither time nor the equipment to free him. Worosei was forced to abandon him and was evacuated to Winter Storm. Both did not expect Quilan to survive.[6]

A few days out of Aorme, Winter Storm and its escort were surprised by an Invisible fleet and reduced to drifting hulks. The Invisibles used a weapon resembling a gravity-wave impactor on Winter Storm, killing its crew, including Worosei, instantly. The weapon prevented the Chelgrian Soulkeepers from performing their function, leading to the permanent death of all on board.[3]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Worosei received multiple awards posthumously, including the "Not-Our-Fault prize".[7] Like her husband, she attained the rank of major.[1]

Ironically, Quilan survived the war after being taken prisoner on Aorme[1]. Her twin brother informed Quilan of her loss a day after their clan was informed.[3] Quilan's emotional distress from her death was a contributing factor when he volunteered to carry out a suicidal attack on Masaq' Orbital in revenge for the Culture's role in the war.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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