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Vavatch was an Orbital near the Sullen Gulf.[1] It was destroyed during the Idiran-Culture War by the GSV Eschatologist.[2]


Vavatch had a radius of 2.2 million kilometres and a width of 35,000 kilometres. Its spin rate produced a surface gravity 20% higher than the accepted average.[3] It had a Hub in the center.[3] Its edgewalls were sloped and transparent, extending 2,000 km out and 2,000 km up from the base of the orbital.[3]


The inner surface was primarily covered by the Circlesea, a single large ocean which looped around the orbital. Land was only present in a thin sliver along one edge of the surface, but because of Vavatch's immense width, this strip was up to 2,000 kilometers wide, so there was no shortage of Edgeland. On this land was the capital, Evanauth.[3] One of the Orbital's major attractions were the Megaships. Artificial dust was suspended in the atmosphere by magnetic fields to block some of the star's light, to produce different climate zones on the surface.[3]


The Orbital was know for being pleasure-oriented and permissive. It allowed Damage to be played with volunteer Lives.[4]

See also Vavatch Heterocracy.


When the Idiran-Culture War reached the Glittercliff, the inner rim of the Sullen Gulf, Vavatch was initially considered neutral territory. The Idirans eventually announced their intention to claim the Orbital and occupy it without military forces. The Culture refused to allow this and resolved to evacuate the Orbital and destroy it.[1]

As a result of the impending destruction it hosted a Damage game in Evanauth and Kraiklyn's Free Company attempted to raid the abandoned Megaship Olmedreca.[3] The Eaters refused to evacuate the Orbital due to their religion.[5]

The GSV Eschatologist was tasked with destroying the structure. This was duly done at Maraintime A/4872.0001 by a novalevel hyper-grid intrusion followed by CAM bombardment.[2]


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