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Assumption: use of years without qualification, etc., in source means Earth years

Consider Phlebas[]

14th century CE

GCU's in the first 4 years of the war Chapter 2
1327, official start of war. The war, briefly
1375, official end of war. The war, briefly


Late 19th century CE.

500 years after the Idiran-Culture War Chapter 11.5


Late 19th, early 20th century CE

Mentions the Idiran-Culture War took place hundreds of years ago. Chapter 16
Mentions reveal of Sleeper Service' secret fleet, 20+ years after Excession Chapter 20

The State of the Art[]

Starts in late 1976 CE.

Arbitrary been at Earth six months by spring of 1977 CE. Chapter 2.1

The Player of Games[]

Late 20th century

Limiting Factor built 716 years earlier in closing stages of Idiran-Culture War Chapter 2

Use of Weapons[]

Sometime in the late 21st century

Send a stalling letter to Petrain (Assumption that its Petrain's request to Sma from The State of the Art) Chapter 2
An Idiran hand cannon is very old and quite rare. Chapter 6

Look to Windward[]

Late 22nd century CE

803 years after the Battle of the Twin Novae Chapter 1
War ended nearly 800 years previously. Chapter 1
Mentions disappearance of Grey Area, Excession Chapter 11

Recent history[]

Ziller's life from his exile
Year (relative) Event Source
+0 Ziller goes into exile
Stops completing full-length pieces
Chapter 5, 3
+? Ziller settles on Masaq', occurs before the first Equalitarian President on Chel Chapter 5
+7 Equalitarian President elected on Chel Chapter 5
+9 Start of the Caste War Chapter 5
Ziller's life from "present"
Year (relative) Event Source
-0 The "present" in the book, commissioned to compose symphony for battle memorial. Symphony described as first full-length work since exile.
Also first premiered off Chel
Chapter 3, 14
-7 Ziller moves to Masaq' Chapter 12
-11 Ziller's last symphony Chapter 14

The upper bound of the "present" is +14 (from +?/+7 and -7.)

The lower bound of the "present" is +9 (from +9.) (Although from the vague times given for the progression of the Chelgrian revenge plot, there should be a bunch of weeks/months added)

Corollary: Ziller's last symphony was between +0-2 and +0 (+0, +9, and -11.) Doesn't help the above, unless only symphonies are full-length works.

Surface Detail[]

Sometime in or after 29th century

Idiran-Culture War occurred 1500 years ago. Chapter 3
"Chel debacle" happened 600 years ago. (Assumption that its the Chelgrian civil war of Look to Windwards) Chapter 9