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Uagen Zlepe

Personal details
Murdered, Revived
Physical details
Sex Male
Species Pan-human

Uagen Zlepe is a Culture citizen and resident of the Oskendari airsphere. In a series of events related to the Chelgrian assassination attempt on Masaq' Orbital's Hub Mind, Zlepe himself was murdered by a Chelgrian. His body was dumped outside the airsphere proper, where it floated for approximately 220 million years until the airsphere traveled one full rotation of the galaxy. Whereupon Zlepe's remains were discovered, his soulkeeper activated, and his mind-state loaded into a replica of his form. It is implied that Uagen Zlepe is the last surviving member of the Culture, which had at some point during the interregnum ceased to exist as an Involved race. It is unclear from Zlepe's account whether the Culture died, dissolved, or Sublimed.

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