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All articles should be conscientiously referenced with canon sources. Inadequately sourced material may be removed. Please read the wiki reference syntax guide on Help Wikia first.

Reference Section[]

Articles should include a reference section at the end before the category tags. The code to generate the reference section is as follows:


Book References[]

References should include the name of the source and, if applicable, the number or title of the chapter of section which contains the information. Only use titles if no numeric qualifier is available.

Do not use page numbers. These may not be consistent throughout all reprints, editions, etc..


Description Code
Consider Phlebas, chapter 1 <ref name="PhlebasCh1">''[[Consider Phlebas]]'', chapter 1</ref>
The State of the Art, chapter 4.2 <ref name="StateArtCh4.2">''[[The State of the Art]]'', chapter 4.2</ref>
Use of Weapons, section titled Zakalwe's Song <ref name="UseWeaponsZakalwe">''[[Use of Weapons]]'', ''Zakalwe's Song''</ref>

Other References[]

Description Code
A Few Notes on the Culture <ref name="FewNotesCulture">[[Iain M. Banks|Banks, Iain M.]] [ ''A Few Notes on the Culture'']. rec.arts.sf.written. 10 Aug. 1994. 29 Aug. 2009.</ref>