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The following are some general guidelines to keep in mind when creating or editing articles.

Article names[]

Use DISPLAYTITLE magic word to change the way the article title appears.


Do not include the type of body the Mind is installed in.


Correct Incorrect
Sleeper Service GSV Sleeper Service


Do not include a person's rank, position, etc. in the article name.


Correct Incorrect
Kraiklyn Captain Kraiklyn

Point of view[]

Articles about universe object should be written from an in-universe point of view, as if the object was real and the writer lives in the universe. With few exceptions use the past tense as if one were writing a history. Most articles will fit into this category.

An out-of-universe point of view may be used for real life objects, such as when describing the novels themselves.

Proper Nouns[]

For the purposes of the wiki, names of Minds, ships (not ship types), and people are considered proper nouns.

Correct What Are The Civilian Applications? is a Continent-class GSV.
Incorrect The What Are The Civilian Applications? is a Continent-class GSV.

Note that the following is correct because the prefix is an acronym:

Correct The GSV What Are The Civilian Applications? is a Continent-class GSV ship.


Mind, ship names, and ship type names should be italicized.

To create links for ship types with italicization use Template:Sclass.


Please use British English when writing articles.


Please use the metric system when recording measurements whenever possible. There is no need to record alternative Imperial measurements. Readers may conduct the conversion themselves.


Category names should be plural when describing classes of objects (Category:Drones, not Category:Drone) and singular when describing individual objects or themes or activities (Category:Technology, Category:Chelgrian State‎). (See similar guidelines on other Mediawikis.)

A redirect to an article about the same topic should not have any categories, so that only the canonical title shows up in listings. However, redirects that point to subsections of articles, in order to cover multiple minor topics in one article, should have categories so they show up in both places. For example, Just Read The Instructions has categories so that it appears in Category:Spacecraft of the Culture, but there is only a passing mention in the books, so the only content is in the table on List of spacecraft#The Player of Games. On the other hand, GSV Sleeper Service is a redirect to the actual article Sleeper Service, which covers the exact same topic, so the redirect should not have any categories, lest the ship appear multiple times in listings. Compare with similar guidelines on another Fandom wiki.