Dimensions[edit source]

I'm somewhat confused.  Things the book says about dimensions:

  • Core:
    • "solid metallic core fourteen hundred kilometres in diameter." [1400 km ⌀]
    • "The Core’s only fourteen hundred klicks in diameter" [1400 km ⌀]
  • Level numbers:
    • "Arithmetic Shellworlds invariably held fifteen interior surfaces" [+ the exterior Surface?]
    • "Sursamen Levels: Inhabitants" lists exterior surface as level 0, and core as "level" 16
      • But level 16 would be inside the solid core, so not really a level?
      • And level 0 is the exterior surface, open to space, so it doesn't have a ceiling and its atmosphere doesn't count towards diameter?
  • Total:
    • "and were forty-five thousand kilometres in external diameter." [45,000 km ⌀]
  • Level height:
    • "In an Arithmetic Shellworld, the levels were regularly spaced at fourteen-hundred-kilometre intervals." [1400 km]
    • "halfway down the first section of the Tower, seven hundred kilometres from the Surface." [700 km]
    • "We’re fourteen hundred kilometres above the Deldeyn province" [1400 km]
    • "ambient-drop ... through nearly a thousand klicks of near-vacuum" [1000 km]
    • "and then hit the atmosphere" [which therefore must be 400 km high]
    • “above a dark shaft fourteen hundred kilometres deep” [1400 km of floor height?]
  • Open tower:
    • "It is the end of a Tower which leads all the way down to the Machine Core"
    • “you are looking across twenty-one thousand kilometres of vacuum to the lair of the Xinthian itself” [21,000 km]

So if core has a radius of 700 km, then each level is 1400 km, and there are 15 of these levels and then the surface, the total diameter would be (700+(1400*15))*2 = 43400.  So does this neglect the floor thickness?  If there are 15 floors between levels (including the exterior Surface) then these would be (45000-43400)/15 = 106.667 km thick.  Maybe he included a floor around the solid core also?  Then it works out to exactly 100 km floor thickness, but that's an additional thickness around the core, which seems odd.  I couldn't find a mention of the floor thickness. 

So the open tower would extend from the exterior surface to the surface of the machine core (which then had a door into it that had to be blasted open?)  So that would cross 14 levels, so 21000/14 = 1500 km per level, which would imply 100 km for each floor thickness?  So 14*1400 + 14*100 = 21000  Including exterior surface thickness but excluding machine core ceiling thickness.  That seems to make sense? Omegatron (talk) 00:31, September 10, 2020 (UTC)

Tower spacing[edit source]

  • "No more than six out of a million Towers on any Shellworld"
  • "a concentric succession of spherical shells, supported by over a million massive, gently tapering towers"
  • "A million Towers held the world up."
  • In the Machine Core: "There’s no Towers."

This sounds like 1 million towers for the entire world, not per level.  And 14 levels not including Machine Core.  So 1e6 / 14  = 71428 per level, which looks something like this:

Sursamen 71429 Towers per Level.png

If the Sarl 8th Level is about 12,205 km radius (not sure about this, see above), then the surface area of their level is 1.48e9 km², or about 20,700 km² per tower.  If the towers are in a square/diamond pattern on a small scale, as in the image, then they are roughly 150 km apart.

"must have flown over six hundred thousand strides – six hundred kilometres. They had passed twelve Towers to their right, and flown left by one tower every five."

600 km / 12 = 50 km apart.  Hmm.... Omegatron (talk) 04:57, September 10, 2020 (UTC)

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