Syaung-un was a Morthanveld Nestworld in the 34th Pendant Floret.[1]

It was the largest Nestworld in the Commonwealth, and one of the most populated locations in the galaxy, housing over forty trillion sentient beings. It was one of the main points of transfer between Culture and Morthanveld space.

Its structure consisted of large tubes of water nested inside each other, each with transparent walls, meters thick. These were braided without touching, and housed inside larger tubes, also filled with water, which were also braided, etc. The innermost tubes varied in diameter from tens of meters to tens of kilometres over their length. The outermost tubes had diameters over tens of thousands of kilometres.[2] Each tube acted as a topopolis, spinning lengthwise to produce a sensation of gravity inside, with the largest braids forming a torus knot-like ring around the local star, with a thin atmosphere collecting between and around the strands. (More typical Nestworlds were smaller and orbited a star, rather than surrounding it.) The total diameter of the ring was three hundred million kilometres, and the width was one million kilometres at its narrowest.

The habitat was designed to resemble the nest of a Morthanveld male, a torus made of seaweed twigs.

References[edit | edit source]

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