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This article contains entries for those ships, vehicles and craft, Culture and otherwise, that do not (yet?) have articles of their own. Ships are from the Culture unless otherwise stated.

5*Gelish-Oplule[edit | edit source]

Gzilt regimental cruiser

7*Uagren[edit | edit source]


8*Churkun[edit | edit source]


A Fine Disregard For Awkward Facts[edit | edit source]


Anything Legal Considered[edit | edit source]


Beats Working[edit | edit source]

Culture, Limited Contact Unit, Scree Class, 5 crew

Contents May Differ[edit | edit source]


Displacement Activity[edit | edit source]


Empiricist[edit | edit source]


Eshri[edit | edit source]

a Gzilt sculpt planet

Equatorial 353[edit | edit source]

vacuum dirigible, the last airship travelling through the Girdlecity

Exultation-Parsimony III[edit | edit source]

Fzan-Juym[edit | edit source]

sub-summit-orbit satellite of Eshri, HQ of the Gzilt 14th Regiment

Gellemtyan-Asool-Anafawaya[edit | edit source]

Liseiden flagship, Collective Purposes vessel, named for a Liseiden hero

Headcrash[edit | edit source]

GOU, Delinquent-class Offensive Unit

Iberre[edit | edit source]

Jelwilin Keril's private yacht.

Kakistocrat[edit | edit source]

Home GSV to Caconym

Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph[edit | edit source]

Ronte Flagship

Outloaded[edit | edit source]


Outstanding Contribution To The Historical Process[edit | edit source]


Passing By And Thought I'd Drop In[edit | edit source]


Refreshingly Unconcerned With The Vulgar Exigencies Of Veracity[edit | edit source]

Very Fast Picket

Smile Tolerantly[edit | edit source]

Once a GCU, now a Culture-Zihdren-Remnanter hybrid, with "dual"[1] loyalties and a hybrid OS now including multiple elements and architectures associated with Z-R craft. This "merging" is considered unpleasant by at least three of the Ship Minds (Contents May Differ, Pressure Drop, and Displacement Activity) discussing it.

Discovered in the Zihdren home system during the events described The Hydrogen Sonata. It exchanged a few messages with it's old home GSV, the Unreliable Witness and then stopped responding except to say that those exchanges had exceeded a prescribed limit.

It did manage to say that it was a level down from those parts of the Zihdren-Remnanter that were able to communicate with the Sublimed Zihdren themselves.

Teething Problems[edit | edit source]


The Washing Instructions Chip In Life's Rich Tapestry[edit | edit source]


Unreliable Witness[edit | edit source]

GSV, The Smile Tolerantly's old home GSV

Value Judgement[edit | edit source]

Very Fast Picket

Warm, Considering[edit | edit source]

GCU, Delta class

Xenocrat[edit | edit source]

GOU, Delinquent-class Offensive Unit

You Call This Clean?[edit | edit source]


Zoologist[edit | edit source]

Superlifter, Boulder class

  1. The Smile Tolerantly's description of itself, reportedly. The Hydrogen Sonata (novel) ch16
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