The Oubliettionaries, also known as the Forgotten, were the Culture's third and last known line of defence for preserving the Culture in the event in the event that the Culture either collapses or is destroyed. [1]

Oubliettionaries were ships, typically GSVs (carrying limited numbers of smaller ships, drones and human crew), that withdrew from the day to day business of the Culture, stopped registering their location etc and just sat in space monitoring news stations indefinitely. In the event that a Culture-wide calamity occurred that destroyed the Culture, one or more of the Oubliettionaries could have re-seeded either this galaxy or a different galaxy with something that would have been recognisably Culture. This back-up strategy is predicated on the assumption that the Oubliettionaries were somehow able to survive the destruction of the rest of the Culture. In order to maximise the Oubliettionaries chance of survival, their existence was not widely publicised within the Culture. [1]

There were believed to have been between eight and four hundred Oubliettionaries at a time. [1]

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