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Nervous Energy was a Culture Mind. As a Mountain-class General Contact Unit it saw action in the early years of the Idiran-Culture War.


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In 1331 CE, Nervous Energy was at Sorpen supporting Special Circumstancer Balveda, who was exposing the Idiran-employed Changer Horza to the Gerontocracy of Sorpen. The GCU was hiding in the photosphere of the local star when The Hand of God 137 arrived at Sorpen. The Idiran warship did not detect the GCU and recovered Horza and captured Balveda.[1]

Nervous Energy attacked as the Idiran warship prepared to leave the system and rejoin the 93rd Fleet. The Hand of God 137 was taken by surprise. Key Idiran personnel abandoned the ship to ensure survival.[1] The GCU signalled the Culture of its intention to capture the enemy warship. For a time communication was lost between Nervous Energy and the Culture and the GCU was thought lost.[2]

After receiving and meting out damage the GCU achieved its objective. Soldier drones boarded and secured The Hand of God 137. Balveda was freed[3] and Nervous Energy returned home with the enemy warship in tow.[4]


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