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The Murderer-class was a type of Culture General Offensive Unit that saw service during the Idiran-Culture War.[1]


Murderers were about 350 metres long[2]; the nose was a sleek point[1][2], and the rear was blunt and flat.[1]

Three long weapon blisters were mounted on the nose, and another five fat blisters were mounted around the waist.[1][2] All blisters could fire forward, and a target to the side was always in view of at least five blisters.[2]

One example from the Idiran-Culture War carried three effectors in the nose, in addition to three waist effector blisters.[1]

The class was propelled by hyperspacial aggregation motors, capable of reaching a cruise speed of 8.5 kc[3], and a maximum burst speed of less than 129 kc.[2]

Accommodation as designed was for 120 pan-humans in relatively cramped conditions.[2]


Murderers saw service during the Idiran-Culture War; GOU Limiting Factor was one of the last constructed.[3]

C. 29th century CE, the Geseptian-Fardesile Cultural Federacy constructed a slightly scaled-up and uprated Murderer for Joiler Veppers, calling the original Murderer a "classic". This uprated version was capable of engaging fleets of state-of-the-art ships from[2] a Level 4/5 civilization.[4]


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