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Look to Windward
Author Iain M. Banks
Publisher Orbit Books
Publication Date 2000
Page Count 357
ISBN 1-85723-981-4

Look to Windward is Iain M. Banks' sixth novel in the Culture series.


Look to Windward is primarily set on the Masaq' Orbital, some 800 years after the conclusion of the Idiran-Culture War. The light of two supernovae - induced by the Idirans and causing billions of sentient deaths - as part of the the Twin Novae battle is reaching Masaq' as the action unfolds.

About 80 years before the events on Masaq', a Contact intervention in the affairs of the Chelgrians had unintentionally led to a civil war within the highly caste based Chel society, and widespread killing, but failing to resolve its tensions. The Mahrai Ziller is a Chelgrian of high caste and a gifted composer, who has abandoned his titles and is living in exile within the Culture on Masaq'.

Ziller is informed by Contact drone E.H. Tersono that an envoy from Chel - Called-to-Arms-from-Given Major Quilan IV of Itirewein - wishes to meet with him. Because Ziller is known to shun Chelgrian society, Kabe Ischloear, a Homomdan journalist living on Masaq', is asked to play host to the distinguished Chelgrian guest.

But not all is as it seems. The Chel have evolved from predators, and millions of Chelgrians killed during the Culture induced civil war are denied entry to the Chelgrian virtual Afterlife until their deaths have been revenged. A Chel special forces unit is secretly operating within the Oskendari Airsphere, and interfering with its resident Dirigible Behemothaurs.

Wind-powered cable car rendering by Chris Lynas[1]


Masaq' Orbital
  • Mahrai Ziller
  • Kabe Ischolear
Oskendari Airsphere


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