Kraiklyn was the leader of Kraiklyn's Free Company[1], a private armed group, and a Damage player[2] during the Idiran-Culture War. He was murdered and his command usurped by Horza.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pre-war[edit | edit source]

Kraiklyn claimed to have won Clear Air Turbulence in a Damage game.[3] He developed an admiration for Ghalssel and sought to emulate him.[4]

Sorpen[edit | edit source]

The Company picked up a drifting Horza near Sorpen in during the Idiran-Culture War. After taking Horza's Rairch suit Kraiklyn offered to let the Changer live and provisional membership in the Company if Horza could demonstrate his worth by killing Zallin in single combat. The Changer won.[1]

Vavatch Orbital[edit | edit source]

Kraiklyn led the Company to Vavatch Orbital to steal the bow lasers from the abandoned Megaship Olmedreca.[4] Privately he wished to participate in the Damage game at Evanauth, the Orbital's capital.[2]

The raid failed when the Megaship crashed into an iceberg. Kraiklyn remotely brought Clear Air Turbulence to rescue the Company and take them to Evanuath.[2] In the aftermath Kraiklyn spoke harshly with Jandraligeli‎‎, prompting the Mondlidician to leave the Free Company and join Ghalssel's Raiders. Kraiklyn perceived this as a form of betrayal. With the Company understrength he accepted Gravant, actually Balveda on a mission to neutralize Horza, into its ranks.[5]

Main article: Evanauth Damage game

Kraiklyn attended the game. He only managed to enlist three Lives for the game and was forced to play conservatively. Nonetheless he was quickly defeated and left after unsportingly kicking the body of one of his dead Lives.[2]

Death by Changer[edit | edit source]

Kraiklyn left the game auditorium at night in a red road car. Horza followed covertly in a hover car commandeered from Sarble. The Changer hoped to make the kill before Kraiklyn reached Clear Air Turbulence. Kraiklyn disembarked at the Sub-base access 54 shaft entrance but, realizing he was being followed, walked out to the nearby docks instead of entering the shaft.[2]

Horza followed Kraiklyn over a suspension bridge. Kraiklyn ambushed the Changer from behind as Horza came down the spiral steps from the bridge. Kraiklyn uncovered his shadower and was surprised to see his own face; Horza had already changed in preparation to replace Kraiklyn. The two fought and went over the edge into the shallow water.[2]

Kraiklyn ran but was caught by Horza. Eventually they found themselves on a concrete apron under a air-cushion passenger ship. Kraiklyn was beat senseless before having his neck snapped by the Changer. Horza took the identity ring Kraiklyn used to control Clear Air Turbulence.[2]

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Kraiklyn's brain was enhanced so one hemisphere could sleep independent of the other. As a result he did not truly sleep. His personality was affected depending which hemisphere, if any, was shut down.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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