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The Involved (or the In-Play[1]) were the group of space-faring civilizations that were active members of the meta-civilization of the Milky Way galaxy.[2][3][1]

The Involved were known as the Optimae by the non-Involved Sarl.[1]

The membership of the Involveds was necessarily fluid. It drew new members from maturing lesser civilizations.[1] Very old and mature civilizations exited the Involveds when they withdrew from galactic affairs, becoming Elders[4][5] or Sublimed.[6]


The Involved were separated into at least three tiers: Low, Mid, and High Level.[7] An Involved's tier roughly corresponded to its place on the Recognised Civilisationary Levels scale: Low Level corresponded to high Level 5 to low Level 6 civilizations,[8] while High Level corresponded to Level 8[9] civilizations.[10]


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