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It's the Heavy Crew! It's the Ghosts! ...there were names appearing there I hadn't seen for five centuries. Some of those Minds are legends! ... A normal enough but pretty high-power Mind Incident Group gets together to discuss what's going on, then - allowing for signal travel duration - within real-time seconds it's taken over by probably the most respected not to mention enigmatic group of Minds ever assembled together in the same signal sequence since the end of the Idiran War.

Churt Lyne , Excession


  • Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The (GSV, Plate class)
  • Different Tan (GCU, Mountain Class)
  • Full Refund (Homomdan 'Empire' Class Main Battle Unit [original name MBU 604] Convertcraft [vessel rated Integration Factor 80% {nb; self-assessed}])
  • Limivorous (GSV, Ocean Class)
  • No Fixed Abode (GSV, Sabbaticaler, ex Equator Class)
  • Not Invented Here (MSV, Desert Class)
  • Serious Callers Only (LSV, Tundra Class)
  • Shoot Them Later (Eccentric, Culture Ulterior, AhForgetlt tendency [t. rated Integration Factor 73%, vessel rated 99%])
  • End In Tears (Rock, First Era, previously Star Turn)
    • Star Turn (Rock, First Era)
  • Steely Glint (GCV, Plains Class)
  • Tactical Grace (GCU, Escarpment Class)
  • Woetra (Orbital Hub, Schiparse-Oevyli system, [solo])

Removed from the group before the final naming to Interesting Times Gang (Act IV):

  • Wisdom Like Silence (GSV, Continent class)