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Idir is a planet in the Milky Way. The Idirans and medjel were indigenous species.


In the past the planet had a frenetic and savage ecology, which ultimately resulted in the Idirans. By the Idiran-Culture War the ecology had long been tamed and the surviving descendants of the Idirans' evolutionary competitors relegated to zoos. The planet had high radiation levels.[1]


The Idiran Empire was evicted from Idir in mid-1340 BCE during the Skankatrian-Idiran War. The Idirans subsequently retook Idir in 990 BCE after the Second Great Exile.[2]

Toward the end of the Idiran-Culture War, the Culture attacked Idir simply by effectorizing its non-sentient computer network. Its designed-in limitations were removed and the computer upgraded itself into a Mind-equivalent.[2]


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