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Fwi-Song was a male pan-human inhabitant of Vavatch Orbital during the Idiran-Culture War. He had a crude grasp of Marain.[1]


Fwi-Song had a career as a circus freak before becoming a palace pet on a Megaship. He then became an adherent to a popular religion on another Megaship before founding the Eaters prior to the destruction of Vavatch Orbital during the Idiran-Culture War.[1]

As the Eaters prophet, he ate Twenty-seventh after the latter attempted to escape the impending destruction of Vavatch on a Culture shuttle. Fwi-Song was poisoned while eating flesh stripped from Horza's fingers. The prophet then collapsed and crushed the disciple First.[1]


At his death, Fwi-Song was extremely obese and resembled a pyramid of flesh. He used different sets of artificial teeth.[1]


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