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Fal 'Ngeestra (Full Name: Stafl-Preonsa Fal Shilde 'Ngeestra dam Crose) was a Culture Referer during the Idiran-Culture War. She was an advisor during the operation to recover a Mind from Schar's World.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the Idiran-Culture War one of Fal's drone contacts was Jase.[1]

She joined Contact after the war. During the time she went primitive without permission on a stage two uncontacted world with a tribe of wild-horse women and slaved for the dirigible Hypersage in a Blokstaar airsphere before returning to the Culture.[2]

Fal was recruited by Special Circumstances and spent almost a century as emissary to the then newly-contacted Million-Star Anarchy of Soveleh.[2]

She returned to the Culture and became a teacher. Within a few years of publishing an acclaimed autobiography she disappeared while on a solo cruising holiday on a Dra'Azon Ring at the age of 407.[2]

Personal endeavours[edit | edit source]

Fal enjoyed unassisted mountain climbing. During these excursions she refused to maintain a real-time link with the Culture but agreed to carry a device to record her activities.[1]

She had three children.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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