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An effector is a multi-purpose electro-magnetic manipulation device. Effectors were distant descendents of electronic countermeasure equipment employed by stage three civilizations.[1]


Effectors may be applied with great precision and control.[1] They may be installed in objects as small as pan-humans[2], suits[3], drones[4], and knife-missiles.[5]

They were typically the most sophisticated and powerful weapons installed on most Culture spacecraft.[1]


Effectors may read both machine and biological data storage devices, including mind-states from neural laces[4][6][7] and memories from biological brains.[1][8] They may also monitor brainwaves.[9]

Effector scans may be used to detect fields.[6] Effectors produce detectable[10] radiation.[11]

Culture effectors of the 21st century CE were reportedly able to detect a pan-human buried under a hundred kilometres of rock from "the next stellar system" and describe the pan-human's last meal. Additionally, an effector, in conjunction with a a sensing field a light-second diameter across, could detect a hyperspace signal from a pocket-sized transmitter from well over 2500 light-years away.[12]

Communications device[]

An effector set to low-power could create a two-way communication channel.[4][13]

Control system manipulation[]

Effectors may be used to manipulate machines[4] and electronics.[14][15] This may take the form of interfering with the machine's operations[6], disabling systems.[16], or outright subversion and take-over.[17]

Effectorized minds may not even consciously realize they are under attack.[4] A machine may defend itself against effectorisation by quarantining or shutting down affected portions of itself.[4][6] A final measure would be to use independent automatic subsystems to initiate a self-destruct rather than allow itself to be subverted.[18][13]

A large ship from a Level 7/8 civilization could successfully engage a fleet of several hundred million Level 4/5 ships[19], simply by slightly outpacing the fleet and effectorising the ships into attacking each other.[20]

Effectorisation could take place from a range of many light-years.[3]

Animal brains and nervous systems also suffer similar effects when effectorised.[21] Effectorisation may cause pain[22] and unconsciousness.[9][23] Similarly, effectors may induce involuntary muscle action, which may be used for medical purposes.[24][25]

Energy weapon[]

Effectors may be used to kill biological life[23] and melt equipment.[26]

They may also create auroras.[27]


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