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E.H. Tersono was a Culture drone. In late-22nd century CE, it lived on Masaq' Orbital and was employed by Contact. Tersono was fond of antiques.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Preparing for a Chelgrian visit[edit | edit source]

Tersono and Kabe Ischloear‎‎, a Homomdan, quickly became friends when the latter took up residence on Masaq'. By this time the Contact drone was several centures old. It became Ischloear's habit to attend the Eighth-Day recitals hosted by the drone. One of the recitals, held in Aquime City aboard the cermonial barge Soliton, marked the beginning of the Orbital's remembrance of the Battle of the Twin Novae, which took place over 800 years before in the Idiran-Culture War. The recital featured exiled Chelgrian composer Mahrai Ziller.[1]

Prior to this, the drone became involved in managing an impending official visit by a high-caste Chelgrian emissary to the Orbital, for the expected purpose of convincing Ziller to end his exile.[1] The visit was sensitive as Culture-Chelgrian relations were strained due to the Culture's involvement in the Chelgrian Caste War.[2] As part of the planning, the drone explicitly invited Ischloear to the recital so it could meet privately with both the Homomdan and Ziller at once; Tersono worried the invitation might be interpreted as a demand, and was relieved when Ischloear received it with good humour.[1]

At the post-recital reception, Tersono, Ischloear, and Ziller met privately in the cabin at the barge's stern. The drone revealed the impending Chelgrian visit to both. As expected, Ziller, a Caste Denier, would be extremely reluctant to host or meet the emissary. On Tersono's request, Ischloear agreed to be the emissary's personal host; he would be aided by the drone and the Orbital's Hub. Tersono and Ischloear planned to meet the following day to discuss the arrangement in greater detail.[1] The Homomdan received study material on the Chelgrians to prepare him.[3]

Psychology[edit | edit source]

Tersono was fond of antiques and surrounded itself with them. This was reflected in its choice of the ancient ceremonial barge Soliton, with its antique furniture, as the venue for its recital. This was also reflected by its technically oversized body.[1]

Physiology[edit | edit source]

In late-22nd century CE, Tersono's body was a rounded-off rectangle that was a one-metre tall and half that in width and depth. The size was reminiscent of drones from millennia earlier, compared to contemporary pocket-sized drones. The body's thin shell was made of slightly translucent pink porcelain in a lattice of gently glowing blue lumenstone. The internal components were widely spaced and visible as shadows under the skin.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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