Dorolow was a female pan-human employed by Kraiklyn's Free Company during the Idiran-Culture War.[1]

She practised the Circle of Flame religion.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Dorolow was blinded in one eye by reflected laser fire during the Company's raid on the Temple of Light on Marjoin. She recovered her sight a few days after.[3]

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She claimed to feel the "power" and "goodness" of "Mr. Adequate", the Dra'Azon overseer of Schar's World, when the Company passed through the Quiet Barrier.[4] The experience was so overwhelming that she passed out while Horza was speaking with the Dra'Azon to secure passage.[5] Dorolow found it difficult to believe it allowed the death of the planet's caretakers by the Idiran raiding party despite Horza's assertion the Dra'Azon were too far detached to care about individuals.[4]

Dorolow died at station six of the Command System. While inside the train Xoxarle shot and severely wounded her with a plasma pistol. The Idiran then emerged from cover and hit her again, this time killing her. She was the first of the Company to die in the System.[6]

Physiology[edit | edit source]

By the time of her death, Dorolow was plump with fair skin and hair, with large ears which curved to join her cheeks. She had a high squeaky voice which she considered low. Her eyes watered a lot and her movements were fluttery and nervous.[2]

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