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Consider Phlebas
Author Iain M. Banks
Publisher Macmillan Publishers
Publication Date 1987
Page Count 471
ISBN 0-333-45430-8

Consider Phlebas is Iain M. Banks' first novel in the Culture series.


Set in 1331 CE, the novel follows Bora Horza Gobuchul, a male Changer who works as a special agent for the Idiran Empire in the opening stage of the Idiran-Culture War (1327-1375). Horza is ordered by the Idirans to capture a prototype Culture Mind which has become stranded on Schar's World, a planet inaccesible to all except Changers. Along the way, he joins a crew of space mercenaries and joins them in their exploits. Throughout the book he works to evade and outwit his archrival Perosteck Balveda, a Special Circumstances agent charged with returning the Mind to the Culture.


TV Adaptation[]

In February 2018, Amazon Studios announced that it had acquired the rights to Consider Phlebas and would be adapting it into a show exclusive to the Amazon streaming service. The script was to be penned by British television writer Dennis Kelly and the program produced by the American company Plan B Entertainment.[1] It was cancelled in August 2020, with the estate stating the "timing wasn't quite right."[2]


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