Personal details
Relative(s) Prin (fiance)
Physical details
Sex Female
Species Pavulean

Chayeleze Hifornsdaughter, or Chay, was a Pavulean Anti-Hell activist during the War in Heaven.

War in Heaven[edit | edit source]

Chay entered the Pavulean Hell with her fiancé Prin after being selected by Anti-Hell activists as people who were unlikely to be investigated. Their mission was to document the conditions in the Hell and reveal it to the general population. They received mental fortitude training before entering the Hell in order to prepare them for the horrors inside.

By the time they were set to leave the Hell, to bring their findings back to the rest of the population, Chay had gone insane and begun denying the existence of the Real. As a result Prin, disguised as one of the demons of the Hell, put himself first as he attempted to pull them both through the door to the Real. As only one more could cross the barrier at that time Chay was left in the Hell.

After the attempt to escape the Hell Chay was subjected to torture and rape by the minor demons present inside the giant wheel like structure that held the door. Chay was seemingly rescued by two other demons. This turned out to be a hoax by the Uberdemon in charge of the Hell in an attempt to give her hope again so he could crush it and torture her more.

After an period of being tortured by the Uberdemon Chay awoke in a nunnery. Here she lived a full life, writing a diary of her time in the Real and in the Hell, where she eventually rose to become the superior of the nunnery. On her deathbed she was visited by the Angel of Life and Death but she denounced it having never forgotten about the Hell and the Real.

Chay then awoke in the Hell having been transformed in to a an Angel-Demon like creature. She explored the Hell from the air before following one of the beetle like Flyers to the Uberdemon. The Uberdemon then informed her she had been given the power to kill one Pavulean a day, which would free them from the Hell, and absorb some of their pain. The Uberdemon wished her to use this power to bring hope back to the Hell so he could better torture the Pavuleans. She also struck a deal with the Uberdemon that once she freed 1000 souls he would tell her what happened to Prin. Not wanting to give hope to those in the Hell Chay initially resisted, but the hunger to kill quickly overcame her and she began killing one a day, absorbing their pain as she did this. Once she had freed 1000 souls she met with the Uberdemon to discover what had become of Prin, he told her he has lived a life of regret and taken his own life, however this was a lie and Chay knew this. During her time in the Hell as the Angel of Death she went from being highly active and revered by those in the Hell to being debilitated by the accumulated pain of those she had killed and barely being able to leave her roost. As time passed she witnessed glitches in the Hell such as a silver beam in the sky and an entire section of the Hell deleted.

Eventually the Hell was destroyed and her Mind-state was retrieved. She elected to remain in simulated reality and continued her role as an Angel of Death taking those who decided they no longer wished to exist in the simulated heaven that replaced the Hell. During her time in this new simulated world she met with Prin but they were unable to reform their relationship. She would see him one last time when, after a long time in the simulation, he elected to die his final death and she came to release him.[1]

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